First, I'm doing this on a test system. Thank God.

I first tried doing this via the SMT process in TID #7004963

Did not work (it said it's installed the move to oes2, but never subs me to any of the channels or auto-reboots after that).

I then tried the "down server" upgrade method, but it appears that SLES 10 SP3 whacks the network card or config setup so it cannot get to my network install sources for the sles10-sp2-updates channel.

I've also tried the official docs (similar situation where it gets the patches, installs the move to oes2 and then nothing happens).

And the communities article as well (although depending upon where you read the instructions vary).

I suppose I should open an SR although I'm a bit tired of repeated OES2 SP1 installs and trying the diff. methods only to have none of them work and all of them fail.