We have a couple servers in our NetWare 6.5 SP8 environment that have been
made as DS Master servers; that is, they are dedicated hardware for the sole
purpose of running eDirectory only (no end-user file sharing here, no
additional services like iFolder, etc). All partitions are replicated onto
them. Our entire Tree is already 8.8.5 FTF2. These are very busy servers
handling lots of LDAP communication as well as Novell Client logins for the
hub site they are located at.

My question is: as we go forward into the Linux space, for these two DS
Master style servers what are some of the pros and cons from you seasoned
OES2 veterens for building them on SLES10+OES2SP2a with only the eDirectory
service versus straight-up SLES 10 (maybe even SLES 11) plus eDirectory
(non-OES2 delivered)?

Some pros and cons I'm guessing at:

PROS for straight-up SLES 10 + eDirectory:

- Probably leaves more resources (CPU/RAM) free to be consumed by

CONS for straight-up SLES 10 + eDirectory:

- eDirectory patching; since these servers wouldn't be subscribed to the
OES2-Updates channel, I'd be on my own to create a repo to distributed them
or to automate in some other fashion

Just trying to make sure I won't miss out on any functionality or run into
any coextistance issues with the rest of my Tree, which the rest will
definitely be running full-blown OES2-SP2a Linux.

As an example, one concern about potentially missed out functionality I have
centers around FTP Proxy. Today we have another NetWare server in the Tree
which runs the NetWare FTP Server that proxies FTP/SFTP traffic out to all
other NCP servers in the Tree. Not sure as we upgrade that FTP Proxy server
from NetWare to OES2-Linux if we'll web able to communicate through the FTP
Proxy to straight SLES servers running just eDirectory... or if they would
have to be running full OES2 to be accessible through the new FTP Proxy

If I've left out any information to help in your pros/cons list, please let
me know!

Thank you,

- Stefan

Stefan Evans
Senior Server Analyst
CSC @ Gulfstream Aerospace