We have installed gw8 on SLES10 and our GWIA is setup to allow POP3 access for everyone.
When our users connecting to the POP3 servirce they get the following error:
- Connecting to incoming mail (POP3) failed, no connection can be established with the server, problem can be a port configuration, check your port settings...

I checked the port settings but they are correct set on 110.
I've also tested the connection directly on LAN and this gives me the same error.

My setup:
The PO link access mode : Client Server Only
Access to POP3/IMAP services are set to "Everyone" in the Class of services with Allow Permissions.

Via the OpenWorkgroupSuit WebGui, in the groupwise monitor i noticed that gwia has status "Not Listening".
and in the linux terminal CLI the GWIA service is running.

What can be our problem ?