My suggestion for companies. Create extensive, free, and well indexed
knowledge bases.

I'm tired of talking to people I have trouble understanding. The IP
phone service you are using degrades rapidly when I guess you pass them
through thirty routers. I'm tired of leaving my name and number only to
have no one return my call. I'm tired of excuses as to why your support
sucks. I'm tired of being smarter on your products than your support
staff (let them stay at McDonalds).

Mostly though I'm just tired of the attitude of your support staff.
They start off nice enough, but if they can't figure out the problem it
automatically becomes somebody else's fault or related to unsupported
hardware. It's a bs answer 95% of the time and you know it. I can't
even count the number of times I've had support staff blame something
else only to have the problem solved with a google search (after getting
more information on the problem from support staff).

So, I ask. Please create a free and extensive knowledge base. It will
help a lot.