We have a windows 7 box that has just the Novell client and ZCM agent. We
can login, it gets to 'welcome' message and about the time it is supposed to
show the desktop it logs off. If I create a user (with the same name) on the
box via the local admin, it logs in just fine. The DLU policy is:

1. Use user source credentials Not volatile.
2. Manage existing user account (if any)
3. Windows Groups:
Power Users

So this indicates the DLU created user has a problem.

We have checked the logs and can not find a reason for an automatic log off.
We do see the log off and it indicates it is user initiated?

We have uninstalled and reinstalled everything including Windows to no

Server and agent are 10.2.2.

Any suggestions welcome.

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is not working.
Windows is like that.