I just migrated to GW8 on the back end and have updated a few of the IT clients so we can see the quirks before the general population does. On two of our updated systems I have seen something described in a couple of short threads here and am wondering if anyone has found an explanation and/or hopefully a fix.

Despite the sort order set in the client to ascending or descending date, it seems at times the client will sort items in whatever order it feels like. In one case there was an appointment at the beginning of the list, and I expect that to be there, but the email after it went from the present date, to a previous date for a few, then back to the present date, finally continuing the list in the correct order. Changing the sort order just flipped the overall order of what was there. The only thing that changed the order of all the mail (excluding the appointments) was to sort a different column, then go back to the date column. I have not yet seen new email appear completely at the other end of the list as some here have described, but if it does that could be a real problem as some of our users have hundreds (or more...) of email in their inbox. It would be very easy to miss an out of order email.

I am on GW 8.0.1 client, Build 889995