Yet again, Novell go and do a half-a$$ed job of something.

We are attempting to deploy the iFolder 3.8 client out to all our workstations. The provided .exe file has switches to perform a silent install, but all this does is install the enclosed MSI file.

So i pulled out the MSI file and have been using that to install, as it's easier then copying the .exe file to a location, running it, then cleaning up after.

When i install the MSI file using ZCM (thats right have a product to deploy software!, how abouts make your software like iFolder work a little better with it!!!). Anyways, if i install the MSI silently using ZCM and installing as either a "Secure System User" or "Dynamic Administrator" it installs, but doesn't create the Add/Remove programs link, iFolder shortcut in Start Menu or registry keys to run on startup.

If i install it as the logged in user, and "Grant Administrator rights for the install" it installs fine and properly, without dramas, but WHY ONLY THIS WAY!!!

Who the hell is packaging your iFolder client? Do you need some help! I've packaged and deployed 100's of MSI files from 100's of companies and they all deploy as they should, without dramas and using the "Secure System/Dynamic Administrator" rights in ZCM.

But NO, rather than use an INDUSTRY STANDARD for installations, you guys suggest running the .exe with switches.

MORONS! You infuriate me ever day Novell, with your AMATEUR solutions for problems. If you need help packaging, please let me know, and i'll even do it for free just so you can release something in a working state for a change.

Oh...and on a side note, if you do a "ifolder3-windows.exe /?" to find out the switches. Theres a typo = "/S Hide intialization dialog" Yeah, not a major drama, but just another pathetic mistake, that gives you no confidence in the software your using.