We are trying to use Macs with DSfW and have almost succeeded, but still have one major hurdle.

We can bind the computer to the domain, shows in the MMC fine. We can login as a DSfW/edir user OK. However, mounting the home folder is painfully slow. So slow, that the Mac's time-out trying to do it.

We can set the Mac to create a mobile local folder and login works fine. We can manually mount the home folders and shares. But mounting the home folder at login doesn't work, the Mac just sits there.

One thing we noticed. When mounting with smb, performance is much better in Terminal than in Finder. Also, doing a "ls -al" or similar in Terminal takes minutes to pull any info up.

ID 'user' does show the same info on both the Mac's and the DSfW server.

Testing on 10.5.8 and 10.6.1