I'm trying to "archive" data from one volume to another based on the last accessed time (> 2yrs).

I'm using Novell Remote Manager:

"Reports / Log Files -> View Inventory Report -> VOL2 -> Display the last report -> Last Accessed profiles: Data Table" and I select Last Access Range -> More then 2 years, and the output of this is a list of files meeting the above criteria with check boxes. When presented with two option: Move or Copy, I selected a few files (check boxes), chose the copy option, and entered a volume/directory to copy the data.

It appeared the file copied worked, but it did not preserve the file path.

My goal is to "Move" data that has not been accessed in more then two years, by placing it on another volume. But I also want to preserve the file path so if I accidentally more something somebody needs, I can quickly find it and put it back.

I apologize if this is not the right forum for this question, if not, please direct me to the correct one.

Does anyone have any suggestions to address my problem? My volume is 99.9% full with 256 MB free and I do not want to add more volume space.