SLES10sp1/oes2sp2 patched...
Novell-iprint-server rpm 6.0.2008 1022-0.3
novell-iprint-management 6.0.2008 1016-0.3
Imanager version 2.7.3
Iprint linux management plugin

Finally at the point of being able to upload windows 7 drivers, but the add from file button locks up imanager and need to end task to get out - just for windows 7. After task ends, a little tiny box comes up with label Iprint and message "arguments not valid".

Looked at TID 3018152 which addresses "add from file unresponsive" - however my jsp files look as the TID says they should, already.

In searching the novell downloads section per the TID (to be sure I have the latest), I see a novell-iprint-server-13june2003.tar.gz.

June 13 2008 would be more recent than the files listed above which I am assuming are June of 2008, or can't one go by those dates? are there any other ways to fix this?

Thank you in advance