Greetings, all...

I'm working on getting iFolder clustered on a 2-node OES NetWare install. I realize that I'm not quite doing this "by the book," and I may have run up against a brick wall. Any suggestions are appreciated.


WEB cluster volume runs Apache, including iFolder.
DATA1 cluster volume should be the iFolder server volume, i.e., DATA1:\iFolder.

WEB and DATA1 may be hosted by different servers from time to time.


Both the iFolderServerRoot and iFolderUserRoot directives in httpd_ifolder_nw.conf respect the volume and directory names (DATA1:\iFolder), but do not respect virtual server names (CLSTR_DATA1_SERVER/DATA1:\iFolder).

I've tried pointing iFolderServerDNSorIP and iFolderUserServerDNSorIP to the IP of the virtual server, but that doesn't work, either (iFolder seems confused and will not load unless the IP of the WEB cluster volume is used).

My original plan was to configure a separate IFLDR cluster volume and run a separate Apache instance there, however, the data store was still intended to be on the DATA1 volume. At this point, it is really a matter of having to add more drives to the array and expanding the IFLDR pool, I guess, if I can't put the data on the DATA1 cluster volume.


PS - Ultimately, I'll migrate iFolder to OES Linux, simply to move to version 3.x. However, right now, NetWare is running so well in the clustered setup, that it's a breeze to maintain.