Not sure this is the right forum. Did a forum search and this one had some Tomcat install issues. Let me know if somewhere else might be better. Might seem minor except to an openSUSE newbie like me. Did have Tomcat 6.x working for web architecture class with Eclipse 3.x and Tomcat plugin both on two winduhws laptops and computer lab Linux workstations. Now trying to get same to work on openSUSE.

The documentation Tomcat HOWTO - openSUSE says the install directory is /hosted/tomcat5. I realize this documentation is more advanced. However the documentation might give a MORON warning that the openSUSE 11.1 graphical install for Tomcat6 is not tomcat5 as documentation uses. Second the GUI install directory is not /hosted and therefore again one cannot use the openSUSE graphical install.

Thx, Mike