Thanks for your time.

I have a NW server 6.5.7 with GW.

I was asked to setup a directory on a volume \\re1\SALES\VendorPriceBooks

This volume will have just *.doc,*.xls and *.pdf files on it.

I went into C1 1.3.6f and created only read writes to the volume.

When I go to a workstation that has this shortcut to the volume it works but
any user can delete or copy the files.

We wanted to security these files so they could not be deleted or copied by
any user only one with all rights.

It is not working.

And if that's not enough, I notice that any user can view the "CEO's" files!

My head will be on the chopping block if he finds out!!

I did not know this was a problem - and thought these files were secure.

I'm doing something wrong, or could there be a problem with my server.

Thanks for your suggestions.