We are looking at iFolder as a potential team filesharing solution in an environment with well over 1000 of concurrent teams. After playing around with it a little bit, I experienced a number of bugs and/or missing features. I am curious whether
- the bugs are experienced by others as well and what Novell's plans are - if any - for addressing them
- Novell has plans to address the missing features

In addition, I am wondering whether there are any larger enterprise deployments out there. If there are, how is it working for you?

  • Sync status indicator is unreliable: a) In particular after repeated connects/disconnects from the network, the sync status does not update even if changes occurred to the iFolder; in those cases, only a restart of the iFolder client resolves the issue b) Occasionally, the synchronization log accessible from the task bar icon or the client does not show any update although the Simias.log - also on the client - clearly indicates successful sync activities c) After larger syncs, the client shows a status of in sync but then clearly syncs more data during an immediately following sync (this happened in an iFolder with only one team member)
  • No reliable sync progress indicator: particularly when syncing iFolders with many files and changes (or over a slow WAN connection), the sync status shows an erratically changing number of files left to sync (number goes up and down during the sync)
  • The actual used storage space is not reliably updated immediately after a synch
  • Occasionally, sync conflicts do not enable the Resolve button in the iFolder client
  • The client displays the sync button even if the user is not connected to the iFolder server
  • The synchronization log suggests successful syncs even if there is no network connectivity

Missing features
  • It is not possible to disconnect select iFolder shares: I realize there is a Revert/Merge capability. We are interested in something different though. We would like to enable any user with multiple iFolders to suppress synchronization for select folders until the users decides to resume sync.
  • No 'sync all'; In our case, users often would like to do a sync of all spaces before they shut down their computer. A user with multiple spaces today would have to sequentially select each shared space and then sync
  • Sync conflicts are not surfaced in the task bar icon; while there is a pop up, there is no persistent visual indicator in the taskbar if conflicts remain to be addressed. One option might be a clearly visible red exclamation point in the iFolder taskbar icon. I realize that Windows explorer shows a conflict icon over the name of the 'mount point' of a given iFolder. But a taskbar icon would be much more visible
  • The sync log does not show the complete path of a synced file, just the filename without any directory info
  • Data restore to the server: The current workaround to restore inadvertently deleted or overwritten files is cumbersome. Any chance to add intelligence to the server to monitor changes in the Simias store directories and sync them back to the clients?