I have read thread after thread about this - I just want to make sure I understand. I have a mixed tree with 3 Netware 6.0 servers and 5 Netware 6.5 servers. The server licenses and user licenses for 6.0 are not a problem. I'm having a problem with the 6.5 and believe I know the fix. My actual problem is for some reason I am trying to login to one context and it is not mapping drives error code 8901. I have several other machines/users logged into this context and it works fine. I can turn one of the other machines off (or log them out) and the new machine will login correctly. I suspect that the real problem is that I have two 6.5 1000 server licenses installed in my tree and the unlimited license is not being used due to the other licenses in my tree. Nwadmin, double click on license cert for Context 1, and there is no units in use for the unlimited, in Context 4 there is 1 unit in use. Likewise, the 1000 server license (in Context 2) shows 4 used. I will try to explain my layout more thoroughly. It is a bit long winded but I want to give as much information as I can.

I have an 4 contexts under ROOT.
Context 1 - I have a NW 6.5 unlimited server license installed - no servers in this context.
Context 2 - 3 of my 6.5 servers are in context. It has a 1000 server 6.5 license & and user licenses for NW 6.5. Some (not all) of the 6.5 user licenses are being comsumed by users in this context.(This is where I think my fix needs to be done) I'll come back to this later.
Context 3 - One 6.0 server here with it's server & user licenses - no problem. I have a different 6.5 1000 server license installed here as well as 6.5 user licenses. Some (not all) of the 6.5 licenses are consumed by users logged into this context but none of the 6.5 server license units are used.
Context 4 - I have one 6.5 server in this context with the same 6.5 unlimited server license installed as Context 1. No user licenses are here, as there are no users in this context and no one logs into this context. It is strictly used for Bordermanager.

We have license certificate files for 250 6.5 users. I am taking this to be the equivalent of the "paper license" requirement. We do not have near 250 users in total so I feel that we are good there - if I understand it correctly. As far as I know this was all setup by my predecessor in preparation for upgrading to 6.5 servers so that all we would have to do is install/upgrade the server and the licenses would be ready to go.

My thoughts on what needs to be done is install the unlimited 6.5 server license in all contexts - so I do not have one point of failure or have too much tree walking (which I do not believe would be a problem anyway). Then
the 1000 server 6.5 license(s) needs to be deleted from Context 2 (and likely Context 4 as well). Unload and reload NLSLSP on all 6.5 servers. If all is well I should be able to do a VERSION on the affected server consoles and it should show "audited". After that, I can go back and delete the Novell+Netware 6 User+650 license files as well as the 605 user object in each of the contexts. My big problem with this is that the 1000 server 6.5 license files are nowhere to be found so I don't really have a way to get back from this in a catastrophe. Any input would be helpful. Thank you.