I've just experienced a very strange situation that has my director and me scratching our heads.

On our file server which is NW 6.5 SP8 NSS8a, one of our department managers didn't like the name of one of their shared subfolders so they changed the name of it, which shouldn't have caused any problems. The contents of the folder are primarily Word files in both Office 2007 and pre-O2K7 file formats. Since the rename of the folder ALL of the .DOC files have become corrupt and when you try to open them Office 2007 (2003 and OpenOffice) come up with the File Conversion window, and the text of the documents shows as symbols, but all of the .DOCX files are fine. All other files and folders on both this server and other servers are also fine.

We have since tried renaming the folder back, restoring from tape from several months back when the files were still known as being good, and restoring to alternate locations and all of the files come up with the same corrupted data.