I've been trying to add the Campus Mac's to our iPrint system and have had mixed results. I'm using iprint client for Mac version 5.00. I'm also using Foomatic-rip and Ghostscript. I'm getting PPD's from different sources such as hpijs, Openprinting.org, and manufacturers. So far I have not had any problems with HP printers (knock on wood). But other brands seem to be the source of most of my headaches right now. In trying to troubleshoot the issues I'm seeing I've been trying to find the location where iprint stores the PPD files on the Mac. It has become obvious to me that they are not stored in the Library\printers\PPDs\... folder. I believe that it would help tremendously if I could see just which version(my version) of the PPD is being transmitted to the local machine. It seems that the driver store is not updating the PPD files when I delete them and upload a different version, but to be sure of this I need to examine the local copy of the file. Another issue seems related to the Mac OS version. Sometimes a printer setup and working properly on 10.6.x won't install on 10.5.x??? even if all the requisite files are in place. Ricoh/Lanier seems to be one brand that does this. I have a Lanier LD328c setup in iprint and printing from a 10.6.x machine (I had to use iprint direct) but when I try to install the same printer from the map on a 10.5.x machine it will complain about missing filters (in this case Library\printers\Ricoh\filters\jobLogFilterC). Can anyone offer some insight?