I upgraded to GW8 SP1 HP1 (from 7.0.2) over this past weekend and everything appeared to have gone smoothly, and I'm just chasing a couple of ghost issues that have since come up.

Since the upgrade we have noticed that the DNS hold is sitting fuller than usual. Quite a few items in that folder contain nothing more than a "ˇIA -" in the body of the document, and even messages that contain email headers all appear to start with the "ˇIA" string. Is this normal for the contents of this folder and I can ignore it or is it indicating that I need to keep digging?

What led me to this place was that since the upgrade to GW8, a number of emails with an external organization which we communicate with quite a bit have started generating Returned mail: Delivery Status Notifications, even though the other system is also a GroupWise system (7.0.3), and the message is received by the person on the other end. Here is a sample of the message that we get back:

The original message was received Wed, 17 Feb 2010 08:42:45 ‑0500
from email@mydomain.com.

‑‑‑‑‑ The following address has been delivered ‑‑‑‑‑
<recipient@hisdomain.com>; originally to <rfc822;groupwise‑email@mydomain.com:1:1>

I'm not sure why it is only this specific domain that is having this issue and we're not sure where to start looking.

My only other issue has started a few weeks before the upgrade, and I think it is related to the internet rather than our system. If someone on the outside, I've mostly seen it with Gmail, sends some messages to our server, some of the emails are taking hours to get to us. In some cases they can send 3 messages and emails 2 and 3 will be received and replied to long before email 1 is even received. I'm looking at email headers and seeing server time zones originate in a time zone (-0500, -0700, -0800), go to what I'm assuming is GMT (-0000), then the step that seems to have the delay is coming back to our server in the EST (-0500) time zone. Is there anything else that I can really check or is the issue out there on the Net? Or should I take this issue to another forum topic?