I've packaged several system changes, mostly ActiveX controls, into an MSI. I'm having intermittent problems with the MSI having to do a "Self-Repair". When I roll out the package to users, the MSI will, maybe 10% of the time, determines that something has changed and that it needs to run again to fix whatever went wrong.

I can't figure out what system change is causing this, although I can reproduce it by deleting a program files folder (this would not happen normally). Basic issue: the MSI is no longer on the system and when the ActiveX controls run Windows is looking for the MSI, which can't be found. This would be less of an issue if I didn't have to roll this package out to several hundred machines.

Is there a way to disable this repair option or even package the changes into something "dumber" than the MSI - like an EXE? I tried the EXE option in AdminStudio...all that does is drops the MSI inside an EXE...not exactly what I was going for.