In my tests with GW 8.01, there seems to be a disconnect in some cases
field definitions obtained via the Object API and what the GW client is
For example, I have added a Birthday field to one entry. I see "Birthday"
as the field
definition in both the API and the client, but when I try to obtain that
property, it comes
up blank (i.e. not present at all). I am also trying to retrieve alternate
email addresses,
which I thought would show up under "E-Mail Addresses" but again, zilch.

Another oddity: trying to get the mobile phone number under "Mobile Phone"
yields nothing,
but going back to the pre-8.0 definition, "Cellular Phone Number" does in
fact work, although
I see that definition nowhere. Why is that? Are there other secret field
names that I need to
know? Is there a way to get the data via a field number or something that
is fixed?

BTW, most field definitions work fine, just a few of them are not working,
so I believe there
is nothing wrong with my code.