I'm coming from a NW65SP8 GW800HP2 environment, now setting up (or have
setup) a SLES10SP3/OESSP2 box, with 2 logical drives the first for the Linux
partitions and the second for NSS. I then setup volumes in NSS to host my
GW software and domains, that went well enough and the domain is up and

Now comes GWIA! After some playing/poking around I got it working, but I
can't administer it from C1, from either my WinXP workstation, or from the
SLES box itself.

If I try to open the GWIA object in the WinXP workstation I get "GWIA Admin
could not locate file 'gwia.cfg'" and if I click CLOSE on the error, I get
the dialog for the GWIA and it looks OK... if I make a change and click OK,
then try to open GWIA object again I don't get the error and the changes I
did are there, but somehow I'm not very trusting of this because of the
error I received when I tried to open it.

Then I decided to install C1 and the snap-ins on the SLES box, found
Danita's tip at http://www.caledonia.net/blog/?p=143 to create the /mnt
symbolic link so the SLES C1 can find things, and I don't get any error when
I try to open the GWIA object, but I'm missing most of the tabs (such as

I'm probably doing some basic error here, but I've been digging through
documentation and TID's and Google and nothing...

Appreciate any tips here.