I have 2 issues in the same project.

Issue 1:
I have a project accessing the Object API. I've created a DLL assembly using VB.NET. This assembly is instatiated from a VB form and one of the functions is called using a background thread worker from the from. This code runs normally when NOT running in the background worker. However running in the background worker throws an exception. I have attached some sample code. To test it would will need to create the an interop for the Object API compenent for GroupWise. It ws too big to attach here. My apologizes for that.

Issue 2:
In the same project using the same assembly, I am calling the application from a batch file. Again the code runs normally from the debugger, but running the batch file throws an exception instantiating an instance of the Application object.

If anyone can shine some light on these issues that would be great.