Netware 6.5 SP7

I recently installed a SonicWall firewall on our network. I have all the ports open so that GroupWise (including WebAccess) are working as well as the ports needed for Netware Client Login and Drive Mapping.

However I have a second server outside the network that cannot establish a connection to server 1. What is strange is that Server 1 established a connection with Server 2, but Server 2 didn't do so in return. As a result, timesync is off. On the main system console I get "Unable to communicate with server .SVR1" messages repeating. I also get "*** Unable to communicate with server IP:123 ***" in the timesync debug screen.

I have opened ports 8008 and 8009 for NRM, as well as port 123 for timesync. But I must be missing something because the servers are not seeing each other. Well one sees the second but the second doesn't see the main server...any thoughts? What ports am I missing?