Hi all,

I have been looking through the forums but have not been able to find the relevant information about just installing the ZCM as an inventory only process.

We currently have a ZAM 7.5 server, but are not going to bother migrating from this as we want to start from scratch to gather only the latest and most up to date information. My first question is, if we install a new ZCM 10 server with only the Asset Management component installed, is this able to talk to existing servers that have the ZAM 7.5 agent installed on them? Or do I have to install the inventory-only agent from ZCM 10 on these servers?

This raises the next question, is it possible to deploy the inventory-only agent through ZCC? I know it can be done for the full Adaptive agent, but we only need/want the inventory-only agent. Otherwise I will have to go to each of our 150+ servers and perform a manual install. I was hoping to kick off a discovery task to identify all the servers in our environment and then deploy the inventory-only agent to these servers.

Are there any best practices for installing an Asset Management only install of ZCM. We are essentially using this product for license management so do nto need to perform any deployment of policies etc. We are a Windows 2003 AD environment.