Hello All,

When using GroupWise object API to enumerate messages in the Mailbox folder, I found that messages that appear in the Sent Items folder are also returned in the Messages collection of the Mailbox folder. Although, when using GroupWise client UI, they cannot be seen in Mailbox folder.

I tried properties like Hidden to see if the messages are hidden, but this flag is false for those messages. I also tried to use the EnclosingFolders collection which returns the folder messages are contained in, but that too returns Mailbox. The messages that can be seen in Sent Items from the GroupWise client UI also have the EnclosingFolders property set to "Mailbox".

How do we correctly filter out messages to replicate the view that we get in GroupWise client UI?

Some more information, I have enabled Retention on this particular mailbox, if that makes any difference.

This is my first encounter with GroupWise servers and these behaviors don't make sense to me. If anyone can shed some light into these areas I would be grateful to them.