I am having a variety of problems with my iPrint and iManager environment and I wonder if anyone might have some ideas as to what might be causing the issues. Here in a nutshell are 4 servers that I am currently seeing the issues on. - When trying to create a printer we get the following message,
Error: Create Printer Failure com.novell.service.ndps.ndpsexception.com.novell.a dmin.common.exceptions.uniqueSPIexception:(error -601) the object name entered could not be found in the context specified.

Also when trying to browse to the objects in the tree I am unable to select the items, iManager has all the information expanded under the tabs and I am unable to select the items, but I would say that a restart of the webserver, tomcat4, tomcat5 might fix that. - I get a 503 service unavailable while accessing iManager. Again I think that a restart of the services should work, but would (should) I need to fix the server certificates? What affect would that have on the network, i.e. would I need to restart the server? - When creating the printer I receive the following error, System Error A system Error Occurred [Ok] - When trying to "read" the details of the printer I get the following Exception reading the Printer Control NDPS Library error: C0012h

In some cases even though I am getting errors I did see that a printer object was created with the name I was using (for example: Test_Printer or Testing Printer)