Server: NW 6.5 SP8

Workstation OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2
Workstation Client: 4.91 SP5
Workstation iPrint: 5.30

I have a handful of users which are being prompted for iPrint
authentication upon successful login of the computer through the Novell
Client. I have not had much time for testing, but I do know there is no
commonality between these users (except they work for our institution).
They all print to different printers, work in different departments,
are located in different buildings.

If the user presses Cancel on the dialog, they are properly
authenticated to iPrint and never have to put the password in again for
that session. In addition, if they log off the computer (but do not
restart), the dialog never displays.

We have had this issue before with a old print server that we were
capturing a printer port for, but that issue has been resolved for some

For testing, I validated the following:
- Occurs for all users logging into a specific computer
- Occurs for all Windows profiles on a specific computer

I have not been able to validate if the problem follows any specific
user around to other computers.

Any ideas for further testing?

Thanks in advance,