I've a problem in one of my costumer's sites.

He is using Novell for the infrastructure of his network,
and also using the messages of Novell for managing the printing

All the clients are installed with the latest version of Novell client.

Every time a user prints their work, a message from Novell pops-up
and sends it's Job number, so he could know which job to print on the
printers server.

So far so good.

We've installed a new system for this client. This system is
in a Multi Seat configuration, which means : 5 VGA displays, 5 KB, 5 mice
are connected to the same computer and every one of them are independent
with their jobs.

The problem is when the users are sending jobs to the printer, the message from Novell's server pops-up on all of the screens in the same time. Novell's
communication protocol won't work for sessions ID, but only for IP address.

My question : is there a way to solve this problem ? to make Novell send
a message only to a certain session who sent the job ?
The multi seat configuration is the same as a Terminal Server, only on a PC,
every client is assigned with the same IP but with a unique session ID ( for example).

Help will be very appriciated !

Roy Tal