weird stuff.. for last few days or so users have been reporting slow logins, and I've noticed that zenworks (for desktops) policies havent been applying correctly. Did a dsrepair > check replication status on my root master and there was 33 errors total... did unattended full repair, etc. then dstrace, was watching it and noticed it says:

2010/03/11 15:18:31 Start partition sync.Els.ASB.LAW., server .EMAIL.Sf.ASB.LAW.
state:[0], type:[0].
Sync - Start outbound sync with (#=6, state=0, type=1 partition .Els.ASB.LAW.) .
* Sync failed to communicate with server <.EMAIL.Sf.ASB.LAW.>, error no such ent
ry (-601).

Well, certainly does exist.. I'm not sure what is causing this error and dont really want to mess around with dsrepairs trying to figure it out.

Any insight? Time is in sync amongst all servers..