I've posted on this forum at least twice now regarding bad experiences with front line support. Here's another -

We've run into an issue with GroupWise WebAccess ever since we moved GW from a Netware to OES 2 Linux backend. The WebAccess agent starts up just fine, then anywhere from 5 to 30 days after starting, the agent starts hogging the CPU at 99% for no apparent reason. Doesn't lock out users, until a couple of days later when the agent stops communicating with the webaccess application on running on another server. Can't find any trace in the usual logs as to why this is occurring. Restarting services temporarily fixes the problem. We're at wits end - temporary band aid is to run a cron job to restart the webaccess agent on this server on a nightly basis.

I opened up an SR last week. Within 30 minutes of opening up the SR, I get an e-mail back from the assigned front line engineer telling me to delete both webaccess objects and "see what happens." That's it - just delete them, no further instructions, no troubleshooting, nothing! This is for a GW system with 3000+ users. He never asked to look at any logs, or any other information before sending me a one line e-mail telling me to delete these objects. When I questioned how he came to that conclusion, the only response I got back was that the objects MIGHT be corrupted, but again, no evidence to support that conclusion. I also got the usual song and dance to upgrade to the latest and greatest version if I wasn't comfortable with deleting first (we use GW 7.0.3 and aren't ready to upgrade yet.) I know many on this forum would say we should be on the latest code, and I understand that reasoning. Unfortunately, the standard upgrade speech doesn't apply here as a magic bullet fix. There are posts all over the GW forum where users are complaining of the same behavior in GW 8. This bug seems to have traveled from the GW 7 code to GW 8 and the field test files from Novell don't seem to be working for the most part.

I have e-mailed this engineer twice since last week asking again how he came to the instant conclusion that I should delete these objects. There are no TIDs on the Knowledge base I can find that suggest this as a fix for these symptoms. I have received no answer to my queries, and no notification that this engineer is out of the office. I am once again in Novell support limbo, as has happened on so many other SR's in the past, while we're stuck with a problem that won't go away.

We pay so much money for licensing and support with Novell products - there really isn't any excuse for "support" like this. It's really frustrating when you've opened an SR trying to solve a legitimate problem, and the answers you get back from front line support are almost expected to be like the joke of the day service. This is really unacceptable. What happened to the quality support that Novell used to be known for?