At one of our customers I see a strange thing when the user replies on an e-mail. When she hit the Reply button, the pop-ed up window contain a Post button, instead of Send.

This is normally the case when we reply on an e-mail that is stored in a shared folder. For shared folder items we have to say `Reply privately (ouitside discussion)` instead of `Reply to selected subject`. For shared folder items the default reply is `Reply to selected subject`, so if I don`t specify a different reply, the interface with the Post button appears for th shared folder items. There is no problem with this.

But at this customer and at this user for a normal, non-shared e-mail the reply function is the same.

As this happend from this morning I guess there is a kind of setting somewhere. Tried to reset the user`s groupwise settings, but that didn`t helped. Tested from another machine but the problem remaind, so it is in the post office, not in the client on the PC. Also tested another user with the same groupwise client, but that other user works properly.

I hope I was clear with the description...