Hi all,

we have a curious issue with GW8 when creating an email via ObjAPI and appending an

Here's the simple code snipplet for that...
'// g_oCurrAccount is the current account object
set oMsg = g_currAccount.Workfolder.Messages.Add("GW.MESSAGE. MAIL")

This will create an email in the 'InWork' folder with the file 'img63000.tif'
attached. So far so good.

Now the curious thing:

In GW7, when calling the context menue (via right mouse click) you have (beside
others) two entries called "Open" resp. "Open with..." (in german: "Φffnen" bzw.
"Φffnen mit...").
(screenshot: http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/1364/scrngw7.gif).

In GW8 these two entries are missing, if the mail is created via objAPI
(screenshot: http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/4474/scrngw8.gif).

These entries are still/also missing at the receiving client, when you send such a
created email to an (internal) recipient.

If that recipient forwards such a mail via "forward as attachment", the contexct menu
reappears, if you open the attached (embedded) email and right-click on the file

If creating the email (and attaching the file) in GW8 "manually", all context menu
items are visible.

Is that a know issue, bug or WAD?