Hi all,
Playing around with a test VM server looking at what I can do with OES Linux as an alternative to the Netware CIFS domain setup i've also looked at previously

Had eDirectory on the server already (this is oes2 sp2) and installed dsfw after that, also tried installing both at once as well and had the same issue

is I start yast from the command line I can see the errors coming up in the background

i'm not running a DNS server on the box which is a bit naughty I know, but lack of proper DNS wouldn't cause this error would it? (i've got the server name and stuff in the hosts file)

g4j:WARN Continuable parsing error 37 and column 59
log4j:WARN Attribute value "ProvisioningDebugLog" of type ID must be unique within the document.
at com.novell.oes.dsfw.provisioning.base.Utils.getIns tallType(Utils.java:233)
at com.novell.oes.dsfw.provisioning.gui.ServerAuthent icationDesign.initComponents(ServerAuthenticationD esign.java:73)
at com.novell.oes.dsfw.provisioning.gui.ServerAuthent icationDesign.<init>(ServerAuthenticationDesign.ja va:40)
at com.novell.oes.dsfw.provisioning.gui.ServerAuthent ication.<init>(ServerAuthentication.java:60)
at com.novell.oes.dsfw.provisioning.gui.ServerAuthent ication.getInstance(ServerAuthentication.java:69)
at com.novell.oes.dsfw.provisioning.base.Provisioning PluginMain.init(ProvisioningPluginMain.java:255)
at com.novell.oes.dsfw.provisioning.base.Provisioning PluginMain.main(ProvisioningPluginMain.java:279)