I had an employee come into the office with a DV camera asking if we
had any way to get the video off of it so we could email it. She had no
cables, no software, nothing. It was her son's girlfriend's. So We had
one firewire cable in the whole office, and it only fit the small
connector on my laptop. I didn't have any capture software on it, so I
told her to come back in the afternoon and I'd see what I could do.
Installed Premeir Elements on the machine, and while the install was
running, I ejected the DV tape to put into the fancy DV decks we have
hooked up to a video editor. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrttt. Jammed. As I'm poking
it with a paperclip, in walks the (l)user and gives me the stink-eye.
The tape wouldn't go back in or come out.
I told her what was going on with it and she gave me the same stare you
normally see coming from the other side of the fence at the zoo...
My Boss comes out and says "I've got a hammer in here, will that
help?"; She's not amused. He continues "Well, he's spent too much time
on this today, you're gonna need to take it to the Geek Squad. Sorry."
So now the camera has a DV tape sticking half out of it, jammed back
into its case, on its way back to its owner, who needed the video for
part of a job interview.
I kinda feel bad...
OK, it passed; Back to work.