I'm following the installation guide for the mobility connector and this thing is fighting me like no other.

First of all, after I add the ISO as a repository, the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack does not appear under Patterns- Primary Functions. I did find the yast2-datasync package and installed that and the dependencies.

Next, in reading the directions it made it sound that the configuration would automatically begin, which it didn't, but that may be due to how I had to install it, but I did find the Datasync configuration icon in Yast, but it appeared as the window with the red X icon, but does open.

I entered the LDAP Server settings without any problems, but the Data Synchronizer Settings keep throwing a "Verify of container 'my_container' failed" for both the user and group containers, but the container does populate for the User container only. I'm using the browse button when I'm trying to select under both containers.

Help! I'm very anxious to get this installed and start testing it.