Here are some things I've noticed since I installed this "Tech Preview" version...
  1. Uses eDirectory authentication rather than GroupWise authentication: Our company does not use LDAP Sync to match our GW passwords with our eDirectory passwords. I noticed that when I tried to setup my iTouch, it was not accepting my GW password. Finally, out of desperation, I entered in my eDirectory password and only then did things begin to sync.
  2. The search of the "Global Address List" is a far cry from the actual syncing of the book onto your device - but I am willing to live with it. Unfortunately, I am seeing only very limited information - Name, eDirectory id, email address (with the lable "work").... that's it. I'm sure it is not meant to be setup this way, so there must be a bug somewhere.
  3. All the folders and address book labels are sync'd with no spaces in their name. It appears that the folders are recreated without any spaces. Which is fine, just not consistent with other sync services (like NotifyLink).
  4. The initial sync can take awhile and it is better that you add the user to your mobility group farther ahead in advance (before you attempt to sync with the device) - otherwise, it can confuse the user trying to sync by only showing a partial sync.
  5. The setup of the Data Synchronizer is sweet! Very easy to setup and implement.
  6. If you don't have an "Authorized" SSL certificate, then forget setting up your Palm Centro.. it will not sync unless the certificate can be validated.

All in all, the experience is pretty good. I still have a lot more testing to do, but so far, I would say Novell is going to deliver a very good mobility product; simple yet powerful.

Thanks Novell!