1. I cant get any appointments from server to mobile, but from mobile to server it works ok and I can see it instantly in groupwise. (tested with Nokia E51 and E75)

2. One of our users have lots of appointments in GW calendar and he gets 3 random appointments from server to mobile. (sync server finds only 3 from GW)
From mobile to server sync ok. (tested with Iphone and E75. same problem with both mobiles)

3. HTC magic wont work at all (server finds it, but it doesnt get any sync)

Email sync works to Nokia phones and Iphone with latest firmware, but if ill send a new email to our groupwise system user ill get back error mail that looks like this:
(Item to user(s) was undeliverable, subject:...)
and ill see this also in groupwise, but if ill send email from mobile to anyone outside of our system it works.

We are using:
GW 801 sp1
Novell Data Synchronizer Version: 1.2 (Beta) Build: r422

Nokia symbian s60 mobiles (tested with latest firmware+mail for exchange)
Iphone (tested with latest firmware)
HTC Magic (tested with latest firmware)