I am evaluating File Reporter with NSM (eDirectory integration).

How do you add non ncp volumes? Right now I only see filesystems that have eDirectory objects. I added a native SLES Agent and cannot figure out how to make the filesystems show up. Same goes for the local non ncp filesystems of my OES2 box.

The Documentation says click on Main, go to Volume list and discover volumes. No mention that in a NSM integration that should be in the NSM admin, not in the NFR admin. Either way this will only discover filesystems with eDirectory objects.

As to the agents:

I assume I should use novell-filereporter-agent-32bit-1.0.0-32.x86_64.rpm for native SLES boxes and novell-filereporter-agentncp-32bit-1.0.0-56.x86_64.rpm for OES2 boxes? Some additional clarification in the documentation would be nice as well.