I wanted to make everyone aware of a possible solution to the PPD filter problems that are so common when working with OS X drivers.

1st some info.

What the Xerox tech and I concluded was that Novell's iprint system is looking for PPD files written to Adobe's Postscript Standard. Apple uses their own standard for printer drivers that is similar to Adobe's but not quite. In order for Xerox (or any other driver manufacture) to be certified to be used in OS X they have to write drivers to Apple's PPD standard.

What we found was that using Xerox's straight-up UNIX drivers worked. They uploaded to the driver store (OES2 sp2) and installed in the clients (10.5 and 10.6). The color Xerox's even printed in color, which isn't always a sure thing when using different drivers.

Specifically, filter the drivers for UNIX (on Xerox's website) and look for "Printer Package for use with CenterWare for UNIX installers". It is a GZIP file that has a bunch of drivers for Xerox printers and copiers. Just pick the one you need and upload. At least it worked for me and the Xerox 7242.

Hope this helps!