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    We will use this message to update known issues for the Technology Preview. As a technology preview, it is expected that some functionality will change prior to the shipping version of the product.

    This message pertains to the Technology Preview known as RC39/1111. We will update this post frequently, so check here if you run into new issues to see if it's already been reported/documented.

    Create a Unique Trusted App Key
    Use a unique Trusted Application Key for Mobility. Administrators using BES or GMS will need to create a unique key for Mobility to avoid conflicting event notifications.

    Firewalls and Proxies
    The GroupWise Connector cannot reach the POA defined if there is a proxy enabled on the SLES 11 server. If you must have the proxy for your server, make an exception to the IP addresses of your POAs.

    Various ports need to be accessible to/from the Mobility Server. The GroupWise Connector listens by default on port 4500. All POA locations need to be able to access that port. The Web Admin Portal runs on port 8120. All users who need access to this portal need to be able to connect to port 8120. Since this is also used by users to define their sync settings, this might need to be available outside of your firewall.

    The Mobility Connector listens by default on port 443. This will need to be accessible outside of your firewall for devices to connect to.

    Restarting Connectors
    After your original installation, if you restart the datasync processes the Connectors will most likely not auto-start. You will need to go into the Web Admin and click the "start" buttons for the connectors.

    Restarting Post Office Agents
    A POA restart can cause SOAP not to sync for up to 4 hours after the restart. Restarting the GroupWise Connector after restarting the POA will reinitialize the POA and restart the sync.

    Setting up Certificates

    See http://forums.novell.com/novell-prod...tificates.html for useful information on setting up trusted certificates

    Authentication by Devices
    The Mobility Pack uses LDAP authentication. Thus, if your user's GroupWise password is different from the eDirectory password, the user must use the eDirectory password on the device. At present, it does not seem to be possible to authenticate an External Entity to the Mobility Connector.

    Devices can currently not email addresses with a dot in the username - i.e., first.last@company.com. This will be fixed with an upcoming 8.02 POA.

    GroupWise Connector Monitor
    Clicking on the GroupWise Connector Monitor button (the "two-person" icon) results in a file not found.

    GroupWise System Address Book
    You cannot synchronize the GroupWise System Address Book. Many devices have the ability to do a "lookup" of system addresses. If you need to have more information on your device than is available in the lookup, for now one option is to create a personal address book and include the users from your system whose info you need access to on the device.

    Reply/Forward Indicators
    Messages replied to from the device to not pass "replied or forwarded" indicators back to the master, so you will not see those icons in the master mailbox.

    Initial Sync Procedure
    When you're added into the GroupWise and Mobility connectors, an initial sync is kicked off. By default it will grab 3 days of past email, 2 weeks of past calendar items, and all of your contacts (not system address book or frequent contacts). The amount of time it takes to complete that initial sync will depend on how much data you have. Given that, it may seem like you're not getting everything, when the reality is that it just hasn't finished getting all of your items.

    Now, if you set your device to get more than 3 days of mail, or a longer calendar range, it will kick off another sync to go get everything you've requested. Once again, the time it takes to complete that request will depend on the amount of data being requested. This second sync will not happen until the initial sync has completed.

    From the Web Admin UI, you can check the status of your initial sync and also see the number of events waiting to sync to the device. To do this:

    - Log into the Web Admin UI as your admin user (https://<ip addy>:8120)
    - Click on the mobility connector
    - Scroll down and look for your name listed in the Remote Wipe section (this will be moved to a different page in the next build)
    - If your name is colored green, then initial sync is complete.
    - If your name is yellow, then initial sync is still in progress.
    - If your name is red, then something during the initial sync went wrong and we'll need to dig a little deeper to figure out the issue.
    - If your name is black, then initial sync has not kicked off yet.

    - Click on the Home link in the upper left corner of the page to get back to the main page.
    - In the Manage Connectors section, click on the right most icon on the mobility connector line (icon looks like 2 people).
    - In the User Status section, find your name and click on it.
    - Review the "<username> Status" section to verify the status of events.
    - Review the "Folder List" section to verify the number of events that are still pending or waiting to get the device.
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