Just wanted to get some feed back from other Android users.

I have a Droid, and its working great so far.

I don't like the native mail app much. Mainly because it does not have a signature feature. I was actually using K9 for an IMAP connection. Can't get it to connect to the mobility server though. First it tells me invalid username or password, then it will not connect to the SMTP server. Since I doubt the mobility server is running an SMTP service, I pointed it toward the GW server. That works but it will not pull anything in. Still says username/password.

My only other complaint so far is Verizon's data plan. I am already paying $30 a month for "unlimited data". Apparently I need the $45 a month unlimited data W/corporate email plan. No thank you. IMAP and the Google calendar trick work fine for me. If anyone else wants to pay those dogs the extra they are welcome to. Mobility works over wifi for my purposes right now.

I am not syncing the contacts at all, I did accidentally when I first set it up, and it almost hosed my entire address book on my phone. I have had bad experiences syncing address books with other phones and products so I avoid it. Not worth it to me.

So what is everyone else seeing?