FYI there is a new search integrated into the Novell web pages.

Phase 1 was made live a couple of days ago. I'm surprised nobody has
mentioned it.

Phase 2 will include parametric (faceted) search, type ahead, guided
search and a few other bells and whistles

Forums are now included in the search. TIDs aren't yet but we're
working on that. I'm the person that drew the short straw last year so
this new search is my send me feedback if you want. If I
had one suggestion when you search, it would be to use more than a
single word. This search engine is not a keyword search, but a
conceptual search. If you use just one word, it's forced to be a
keyword search and your results won't be nearly as good.

In case you're wondering:

Kim - 4/1/2010 1:01:49 PM