Here is the situation
The workstations are Windows XP and the users have no admin or power user rights. In iManager I set the iPrint printer to use Secure printing under the Client Support Tab. I set the Security Level to High under the Access Control Tab Security section. I made sure the UniqueID is set in the other tab for each user. The printer driver will install sighlently to the workstation based on which user logs in.

So far so good.

Here is when the problem appears
When I put an address restriction in the properties field of a user so they are the only one that can log into that workstation it breaks the iPrint authentication and the driver for the printer no longer installs and I get a pop up screen stating that authentication failed would I like to try again.

I have tried putting in TCP ports that iPrint uses also in the address restriction area but the authentication always fails.
I have also made sure that the maximum connections was high enough so that is not the problem

When I remove all address restrictions for that user the printer driver installs silently without any user intervention and I'm able to use encrypted printing which is what I desire.

So it is clearly having an address restriction on the user that is preventing the driver from installing due to authentication failing via secure printing.

Any Ideas as to how I can have an address restriction and still use secure printing and not have these authentication problems?