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    Please read before posting in this forum

    The Community Chat forum was set up as a non-technical fun and relaxing place, where admins could hang out, get to know one another, shoot the breeze. This forum is synchronized across the same-named forums in Novell, NetIQ and SUSE enterprises, so when you post a message in here, it is posted in all three places. Enterprise managers and employees don't frequent this forum.

    The Knowledge Partners (KPs) and the Novell Community Chat Moderator who do frequent this forum are volunteers. They don't work for any of the enterprises, they aren't paid, they volunteer their time for the users of the support forums out of what can best be described perhaps as terminal helpfulness.

    The Knowledge Partners have done their best in the past to forward comments and views found in this fun chat forum to those at Novell/SUSE/NetIQ who might be able to do something about it, but that has taken away from their purpose and the reason they are volunteers, which is to provide direct technical support to the customers of all three enterprises in the support forums. So we ask that product and other grievances be placed in the appropriate venues, not in this forum.

    For your specific complaints regarding a product, please post to the feedback link of the product page for that product. When you post to a product page feedback, your post goes directly to the group in charge of the product.

    There's also the Talk to a Technical Services Manager forum where you can discuss your paid support incidents with a Technical Services Manager. (No tech support will be given in the forum) That forum is also synchronized across all three enterprises.

    For more general complaints, there are more general web pages where feedback can be sent, like the home page. There are also corporate blogs, where views can be expressed.

    The above are the appropriate venues for grievances and raising issues. Please take advantage of them. They are places where someone who can do something about it is at the other end of the venue.

    Messages that fall into the area of grievances will be removed from this forum.

    No one is trying to stop your ability to express yourself, the intent is to direct your concerns to the appropriate place or places, instead.

    Your understanding in this will be appreciated. And because this is a sticky message, any replies will be deleted.

    Thank you.
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