I currently have a server with 2 nic's that is hosting NDPS. The two lan's
that it is connected to are not allowed to route to each other. The print
manager is bound to nic card A and only the workstations on that side of the
LAN can see the printers.
Somehow I need to get access to these printers for the users on the other
side of the LAN.
I dug out my old "NetWare 6 Administrator's Handbook" and it states: "You
may want to assign printer agents on one server to multiple NDPS Manager
objects (on other servers) to make sure that if one server goes down,
network users can still print. Assigning printer agents to multiple NDPS
managers also helps balance the load of printing traffic."
This made me think I could just create a new manager on another server and
add my existing printer agents to that manager as well. However, when I
looked the only option is to add new printer agents - not existing.
Am I missing something here or just totally off-track?