I have been recently tasked with doing a project that requires connection to a GW system. I am using vs 2008 and have the novell and gw clients loaded to the windows server (2003R2 sp2), and the code is done with VB. the end application will be running within ILM as an extensible MA to connect to GW.

since i have never coded projects with GW before I figure the best way approach is to stub the routines in a console app first to make sure i can get them to run. the initial shot was connect to a lab domain where GW 7.0 is installed, enumerate domains, post offices and users and list them to a CSV file. It works fine as long as I issue the connect with ("\\servername\dir\dir"). if i try it with a mapped drive, i get cannot connect to db, and if i do ("\ip\dir\dir") it maps the drive, but never releases the mapping. i figure i can live with the \\servername format and copied the code over to the ILM.

the DIM objAdminSystem as new AdminTypeLibrary.System works fine. just to be sure it actually worked i checked the object and it shows the APIMajorVersion and APIMinorVersion.

the next statement is objAdminSystem.Connect("\\servername\dir\dir") and it just hangs. i have tried the \\ip and z:\ style, same problem. just to make sure it was not an access issue, i copied the domain database to the default app directory and tried it from there, and it still hangs. i know it is seeing it because if i give an invalid path or take the domain out of the default dir, i get an error instead of a hang.

the major difference is the console app is being run as a standalone and the other is being run within a project of type Class that has been compiled as a DLL and accessed by ILM. both of them are being run on the same platform and i am logged onto the server as an admin of eDir.

i did notice that when i am working on the objAdminSystem.Connect() that VS shows a helper notice that the method expects 1 parameter, PathToDomain as Object. all the api docs that i read say PathToDomain as String. the console app is being passed a string and works fine so i would not expect it to fail in the Class module, but i could be wrong about that.

Has anyone else ran into something similar where the routines are being run within another app and there is some additional thing i have to do to make the connect() method work correctly?