So we downloaded the Caledonia quickstart, the tech preview docs, the install and fired everything up. The SLES 11 64bit server is setup as a 60 day eval.

Everything installed and configured fine except the DataSync Engine will not start. Doing a "rcdatasync status" command says "DataSync Engine: dead"
Doing a "rcdatasync-syncengine start" comes back with "failed".

Going into system services and manually starting it comes back with "/etc/init.d/datasync-syncengine start returned 1 (unspecified error):"

Going into the web I/F shows the "default" engine stopped (along with both the connectors).

Anyone have any idea what could be the issue? This is the 3rd time we have installed from scratch with the same result every time.

Chris Lowe
Datacenter Admin
City of Boise