iPrint running on NW65sp8 fully patched. I have one site that bought
a RISOComColor 3050r. Attached to the side of the device is what
looks like a PC and is supposedly an "IS900C PostScript Controller"
There are two RJ45 ports on the printer, one cabled directly to the
network and one leading to the IS900C. There are two ports on the
IS900C, on receiving the cable from the printer and one connected to
the network. This is how the cabling was set up by the installers who
delivered the device.

Has anyone successfully configured one of these in iPrint? I can see
the onboard nic pulling an address and can access the device console
through it, but I can't see the PS controller grabbing an address. The
company that sold the device has been no help, they have referred it
to someone at RISO and after waiting over a week I still have not been
contacted. Just wondering if anyone has one of these devices
configured in iPrint. If so, which nic/address are you pointing to?
The driver inf file loads OK into broker but I can't seem to get a job
to print when sending it to 9100 raw on the onboard port.