The American Heart Association has a web page about it that offers these helpful (?) tips:

On this special day:

* Begin by inviting co-workers to wear their sneakers to work .
* Encourage employees to get in their 30 minutes of walking that day.
* Change one of your meetings to a walking meeting, and let your colleagues know why.
* Start! Shopping for something green to wear. It shows you support the Start! movement.
* Host a walk and/or rally to show your commitment to living longer, healthier lives.
* Get the word out about your walk by first registering for our free, downloadable National Start! Walking Day Tool Kit. In your confirmation e-mail you'll have access to posters, flyers, e-mail scripts and more to easily promote National Start! Walking Day in your workplace.
* Join others across the country and be part of the solution to get America walking.

Here are my thoughts:
A "walking meeting"!?! You can't possibly be serious!?! I can't get half the people to focus in a meeting when we're all in the same room looking at each other! Besides, sometimes meetings are held in a closed room so others don't know what is being said/decided. Many times this is necessary.

I'm all in favor of walking. In fact, I do it every day. I think it's a great way to start exercising.