I have a customer whose business makes prototypes (models) of items for manufacturers.
They have CNC machines, stereo lithography machines, drill presses and other things like it.
Their challenge is that they have a dozen or so employees who take turns working on their ongoing projects. For example, a scissors manufacturer may send them a file with the 3D representation of what they want to have built. This company then takes it, updates it for them (as requested), then sends it to one of their machines to be built. Someone else may then take the completed part off the machine, clean it up and place it in the "baking oven" for finishing. A third person may take it out and ship it to the customer.

They're looking for some type of software that can be used to track which stage each part is in and who it taking care of it. At the moment they're using shared spreadsheets, but it's not very efficient.

Do any of you smart people have an idea of what type of software I should find for them? I have tried googling for 'inventory control software' and 'project tracking software', but am running out of ideas.